Best Youth Soccer Teams in Florida

Parents who are in search of a fun and rewarding activity for their children may do well to consider all the benefits that youth soccer team has to offer. Providing your children with the opportunity to play on a team, make new friends and experience all of the excitement and fun that soccer has to offer can be greatly beneficial. With many teams and leagues in the Florida area, finding the best sporting events and opportunities for young players could be far more easily done than you might have been expecting.

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Florida Gators Soccer Team Facts and Stats

In less than 20 years, University of Florida has established itself as one of the premier women’s college soccer programs in the nation. Since their inaugural season in 1995, the Gators are 300-80-26 for an amazing .771 all-time winning percentage. The highlights during that span include 11 SEC titles, 15 NCAA Tournament appearances, two College Cup appreanaces and the big one in 1998, the NCAA National Championship. All of this has been accomplished under the leadership of one coach, Becky Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Soccer Tips for Floridians

Playing soccer here in Florida is less of a leisure activity and more of a, well, exercise. If you or your child wants to get good at the game you’ve got to remember a few things you may not have learned from watching the pros go at it on your sports channels:
DRINK MORE WATER – This is even more important here in Florida where the temps regularly reach over 100 degrees you’ve got to stay hydrated to be the best soccer player you can be and also to stay healthy.
TAKE MORE BREAKS – If you plan on playing a whole game you’ve got to sit out at least 10 minutes. This should be a rule for your family and on your team – more exertion than that can cause unhealthy results.
WEAR SUNSCREEN – Just because you’re covered by your soccer uniform doesn’t mean you’re not getting sun, particularly on the top of your head. Invest in some SPF shampoo and get a lightweight sports coverage for your arms and legs. You’ll be happy you did later when you’re not a Florida lobster.

Will the Florida Gators Win it All This Year?

After a couple sub-par seasons the past few years, the Florida Gators men’s soccer team is really looking to turn things around this upcoming season. With a new coaching staff in place, fresh young players joining the team, and a couple returning junior and senior players, the team has high hopes for a great season, and potentially taking the title this season. With a couple returning seniors stating they really would love to take the title before they leave the school, and a couple great juniors also Read the rest of this entry »

Florida Gators: The Best Youth Soccer Team

The Florida Gators are undoubtedly the best youth soccer team around these days. Their record speaks for itself with 11 SEC championship wins, 9 SEC tournament wins and 14 NCAA tournament appearances – their 1998 NCAA win being a highlight. Amazingly, they have achieved all of this since the program began in 1994/5. As with every great team, the Gators have produced some excellent players in their 16 years in the SEC – in fact, 16 players have been selected as first-team All Americans including, Erin Baxter, Heather Mitts, Keisha Bell, Stacy Bishop, Melanie Booth, Danielle Fotopoulos and Abby Wambach, to name a few.I was looking for more information and found it here.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Florida Gators

Based at the James G. Pressly Stadium in Gainesville, The Florida Gators women’s soccer team has become known as one the nation’s most formidable. They have won the SEC championship a total of 11 times in the 16 years since the program was setup in 1994 and in 1998 managed to win the NCAA national championship in only their fourth season. The Gators have produced players who have gone on to star at the national level including Heather Mitts, Abby Wambach, Erin Baxter and Melanie Booth. During her time as a Gator, Read the rest of this entry »

Soccer: The Rules of the Game

In this day and age, soccer is basically the most popular sport. There are millions or even billions of soccer fans from different countries all over the world. Whatever team you may be rooting for or you simply want to know more information when it comes to basic soccer rules, you have come to the right place. Below, I have made a list of the basic rules when it comes to playing soccer.

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