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Healthy Soccer Tips for Floridians

Playing soccer here in Florida is less of a leisure activity and more of a, well, exercise. If you or your child wants to get good at the game you’ve got to remember a few things you may not have learned from watching the pros go at it on your sports channels:
DRINK MORE WATER – This is even more important here in Florida where the temps regularly reach over 100 degrees you’ve got to stay hydrated to be the best soccer player you can be and also to stay healthy.
TAKE MORE BREAKS – If you plan on playing a whole game you’ve got to sit out at least 10 minutes. This should be a rule for your family and on your team – more exertion than that can cause unhealthy results.
WEAR SUNSCREEN – Just because you’re covered by your soccer uniform doesn’t mean you’re not getting sun, particularly on the top of your head. Invest in some SPF shampoo and get a lightweight sports coverage for your arms and legs. You’ll be happy you did later when you’re not a Florida lobster.

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